What is a study?

What is psychotherapy?

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Is this only for "crazy people"?
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No, many people experience psychological problems such as sadness, hopelessness, stress from traumatic memories or insomnia after traumatic experiences or during difficult periods in life. These are normal reactions to abnormal experiences. Many scientific studies have already proven that psychological support can reduce these problems.

Can you help find me a place to live or a safe place to stay?
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Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with an apartment or a secure residence title. However, overcoming psychological problems can often help you to better manage your own everyday life again.

Can you issue a statement or an expert opinion, e.g. for court?
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Within the scope of the program, we are unfortunately unable to provide comprehensive opinions or expert reports. However, you will receive a confirmation of your participation in our program if required.

Do I have to be a member of a health insurance company?
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No, participation in the program is independent of your insured status. Participation is free of charge for you. The project is financed by research funds from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

We are looking for study participants

We are looking for arabic- and farsi speaking refugees in Berlin or Brandenburg

Do you think too much?

Do you not have as much energy as before?
Are you often tense?

Do you suffer from anxiety?
Are you often sad and depressed?

Do you suffer from stressful memories?

ALMAMAR can help you overcome these problems.

We offer a psychological support program for arabic- and farsi speaking people in Berlin or Brandenburg:

  • Arabic and farsi speakers (written and spoken language skills)
  • living in Berlin or Brandenburg
  • at least 18 years old
  • with access to the internet (smartphone, tablet, laptop/PC)
  • burdened by painful memories, depressive mood, sadness, fears and/or problems with alcohol or drugs

By participating in our program, you have the chance to receive support in overcoming your mental health problems. In addition, by providing feedback (e.g., in the form of questionnaires), you help us study the effectiveness of ALMAMAR and give us the opportunity to further develop and improve ALMAMAR.

In this way, you will help to ensure that other people with experiences similar to yours can be offered help in the future. For your help in filling out the questionnaires, you will also receive financial compensation.

Email: almamar@ewi-psy.fu-berlin.de

Whatsapp/Telegram: 0160 6223061



Study procedures

All participants are randomly assigned to three different groups at the beginning:

  • one group participates in the program online (via app or computer) and has written contact
  • one group participates in weekly face-to-face sessions in Berlin or Brandenburg (with interpreters)
  • one group waits 6 months and after this time can choose whether to participate in the internet-based program or the program with face-to-face meetings.

The following graphic describes the steps of participation:

Online-diagnostic via survey
The first step of the diagnostics is to find out if our program can be the right support for you.
Telephone interview
The interview (in Arabic and Farsi) aims to better understand your current situation and whether the program is an appropriate support for you.
Duration of the ALMAMAR-program
The program lasts about 6-12 weeks. If you participate in the online-based program, one session lasts about 45 minutes. If you participate in the program with face-to-face sessions, one session lasts about 90-100 minutes.
End of the treatment
To find out if ALMAMAR has helped you, there will be additional appointments with online surveys:
- After the end of therapy
- After 3 months
- After 6 months
- After 12 months


Homepage: https://almamar.de/

Email: almamar@ewi-psy.fu-berlin.de


Arabic: 0160 6223061

Farsi: 0151 20528001



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