What is a study?

What is psychotherapy?

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Does the study have anything to do with my asylum/insurance status?
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No, the study and therefore the therapy is independent of your insurance or asylum status. The therapy is free of charge and has neither a positive nor a negative influence on your asylum procedure.

Will my data and input be treated anonymously/confidentially?
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Yes, the surveys take place anonymously. You will receive a participant number for the surveys, which we will not be able to assign to your person later. We only need your contact data to call/email you so that we can make an appointment. Your data will not be shared with anyone outside the research team.


Why should I participate in the survey if I wasn't even in therapy?
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We would like to try to show that group therapy helps refugees better than other standard measures. For this we need two groups that we can compare.

I don't speak German, can I still participate?
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Yes, the therapy sessions are accompanied by an interpreter. For more information, please see our flyer in English, Arabic and Farsi:


We are looking for study participants

We are looking for male study participants

We are looking for male refugees to help us develop a new type of therapy. The therapy is free-of-charge and will help participants improve their ability to cope with stressful feelings. The 10 sessions are held in one shared language and are accompanied by a translator.

Cities: Berlin, Bremen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hannover, München

Participation conditions:

  • Male
  • Minimum age 18 years
  • Experience of flight
  • Increased alcohol, drug or medicine consumption

By participating in the study, you get the chance to receive free group therapy, regardless of your asylum application or insurance status. You will learn helpful new strategies to deal with stressful feelings and situations during and after therapy. Moreover, by participating you help us improve therapy options for refugees, dealing with similar difficulties. If you are interested, please contact us!

Flyer in German, English, Arabic, and Farsi: prepare-help.de 

Study procedures

If you are interested in the study, you will participate in a group therapy and complete three surveys. All participants are randomly assigned to either the therapy or the waiting group. Participants in the waiting group will not be able to participate in the therapy immediately but will receive this opportunity later. Regardless of your assigned group, you will complete three surveys, lasting two hours each. In return you will receive 35€ for each survey. The timeline illustrates the course of the study.


You have heard about our project. You would like to participate, so contact the team in your city.
First assessment
You will take part in an interview before the therapy. Among other things, this will check whether you can participate in the study.
All participants will be randomly assigned to the experimental or waiting group.
Second and third assessment
All participants will be interviewed immediately and again 3 months after completing group therapy to determine if therapy helped.
Group therapy for the waiting group
If you came to the waiting group first, you can join the group therapy after 3 months.


+49 170 901 4877

+49 170 900 6457

+49 170 – 811 94 83

+49 170 – 901 52 59

+49 170 – 901 32 99

+49 170 – 901 35 22




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